Title: The Long Game 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Drama
Quality: HD
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In 1956, JB lives in Del Rio, Texas, and is prepared to take over as San Felipe High School’s administrator. JB, a World War II veteran and ardent golfer, expects his respectable position to gain him membership in the famed Del Rio Golf Club, but the white men in control deny. Frustrated with the world and his place in it, JB meets five San Felipe students who adore golf, discovers their self-taught game, and agrees to play. Calling on his friend and golf pro Frank for assistance, JB devises a scheme to build a squad for San Felipe, confronting the establishment with these five American males of Latin ancestry: Gene, Lupe, Felipe, and Mario, while Joe declines to participate. Faced with intolerance from leaders and rivalry, the young people hone their skills under Frank’s supervision, while JB struggles with his own sentiments of rejection. Enjoy your favorite films now with Afdah movie site.