Title: The Offering 2023
Genres: 2023 Movies | Horror
Quality: HD
Directors: Oliver Park
Writer: Hank Hoffman, Jonathan Yunger
Stars: Paul Kaye, Nick Blood, Emily Wiseman
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The main character had a falling out with his father many years ago. The man is very concerned about this, and when he learns of his wife’s pregnancy, he decides to improve his relationship with his father. He travels to his home with his wife Claire, not realising what a nightmare the journey will become. The protagonist’s father is an Orthodox Jew who organises funerals in the community. He was surprised to see his own son with his pregnant wife, but a few minutes later he concluded the future parents in a strong hug. A corpse is brought to the basement of their house, where the mortuary is equipped, during the process of reconciliation between father and son. Later, it was discovered that the deceased’s body had been used for centuries as a vessel for imprisoning a powerful demon. When the monster learns that a pregnant woman is nearby, it prepares to take over the newborn’s body. Soon, Claire and the entire community will face terrible times as the evil awakens, gains strength, and prepares to fight for the baby. Stream free afdah in 1080p HD.