Title: The Old Way 2023
Genres: 2023 Movies | Action, Western
Quality: HD
Directors: Brett Donowho
Writer: Carl W. Lucas
Stars: Phillip Aguirre, Dean Armstrong, Ryan Kiera Armstrong
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Colton Briggs once committed so many crimes that many people in the Wild West feared him. With the arrival of peacetime, the hero of the film “Echoes of the Past” married a deserving woman and raised a family while mining the fur of rare animals for a living. Everything was going well for the couple, who had a baby girl. Briggs goes hunting with his daughter one day, and his wife is doing housework in anticipation of their return. However, the unexpected occurred: thieves broke into the house. A courageous woman attempts to repel the uninvited guests, but she is killed. When the hero returned home and saw this horrifying image, he was enraged. The man spent months looking for intruders but was unable to track them down. Besides,

They settled far away from everyone and went hunting. Local bandits raided the city one day, robbing the residents of the surrounding settlements. Briggs sets out to protect ordinary people, but he only encounters one of the raiders. At the same time, the bandit was carrying the body of the hero’s murdered wife. Colton realized who was to blame for his wife’s death and began hunting bandits with his daughter. Stream free afdah movies in 1080p HD.