Title: The Pale Blue Eye 2022
Genres: 2023 Movies | Crime, Horror, Mystery
Quality: HD
Directors: Scott Cooper
Writer: Louis Bayard, Scott Cooper
Stars: Christian Bale, Harry Melling, Simon McBurney
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This was a rigorous military academy where students had to go through rigorous training in order to become worthy officers in the future. The cadet incident was regarded as a tragic but common occurrence. The hanged boy was unable to withstand excessive loads and committed suicide. However, late at night, an unknown villain cut out the heart of the corpse, turning the incident into a strange one and tarnishing the educational institution’s reputation. By hiring a private detective to investigate, the management decided not to cause public outrage and to avoid making the crime public. After losing his wife, August Landor decided to retire and live a quiet and inconspicuous life. He was hesitant to accept the offer to find the person who defiled the deceased’s body, but he quickly accepted the task. When the gloomy widower arrived on the scene, he immediately got to work, interviewing potential witnesses and suspects. The case, however, proved to be unexpectedly complicated and complicated, refusing to reveal its secrets to the detective. Then a young man named Edgar, who liked to drink and write poetry, came to their aid. His unusual support could reveal the identity of a maniac who committed a terrible, inhuman act while pursuing goals that others find incomprehensible. Stream afdah free movies online in HD.