Title: The Tiger’s Apprentice 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Animation, Action, Thriller
Quality: HD
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Lee is attempting to keep young Tom safe in Hong Kong while evil Loo and her army of demons with dark powers pursue them. Hu, the Zodiacs’ tiger commander, is working nonstop to keep a unique Phoenix necklace out of the wrong hands when the group arrives. Fifteen years later, Tom is a teenager in San Francisco, fighting bullying and making friends with his classmate Rav. However, Loo, who has come back to look for the Phoenix necklace, unintentionally learns that he has special powers. Lee uses protective charms in the hopes of preventing disaster, but Hu is more astute and, after enveloping the young man in the Phoenix for defense, gives him access to a secret realm of Chinese zodiac magic. Rat Sidney and the dragon Mistral join Hu and Tom in their journey to become the Zodiac’s ultimate power wielder, with the goal of fully wielding Zodiac power, as Loo’s attacks intensify. Explore the new stories now here on Afdah movie channel.