Title: True Spirit 2023
Genres: 2023 Movies | Drama, Adventure, Biography
Quality: HD
Directors: Sarah Spillane
Writer: Sarah Spillane, Rebecca Banner, Cathy Randall
Stars: Alyla Browne, Teagan Croft, Cliff Curtis
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Jessica Watson dreamed of adventure since childhood, but once she decided to make her dream come true. She was determined to become the youngest traveler ever to circumnavigate the world solo. Many called the sixteen-year-old girl crazy, since even more experienced and strong men could not cope with such a task. Condemnation and distrust did not stop the young lady, so after long preparations she set off. Her parents supported her in such a decision, although they understood the fact that there was a high risk.
Relatives watched what was happening on the cameras, which instilled hope in their hearts for the success of the expedition. The girl was to spend 210 days at sea, and at the end of the journey she was met by the Australian Prime Minister. A high-ranking official called her a heroine, and the story of a teenager inspired millions of people. The traveler overcame 22 thousand nautical miles, hurricane winds and deadly icebergs. She had the courage and determination to follow her dream. Stream latest afdah full movies in HD at Home.