Title: Turning Red 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Quality: HD
Directors: Domee Shi
Writer: Domee Shi, Julia Cho, Sarah Streicher
Stars: Rosalie Chiang, Sandra Oh, Ava Morse
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In 2002, Meilin “Mei” (Rosalie Chiang) Lee is a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian girl living in Toronto. Mei helps care for the temple of her ancestor, the Sun Yee family works to honor her strict, more secure mother, Ming. She tries to hide her personal interests from Ming (Sandra Oh), such as her crush on the boys and the fact that she and her best friends Miriam (Ava Morse), Priya (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), and Abby (Hyein Park) are fans of Boy Band 4 * Town. One night, after a nightmare, Mei woke up to find that she had turned into a big red panda. After hiding from her parents, Mei realizes that she changes only when she is in a state of high emotion. Her parents believe that her problem is due to her first menstrual period. Later, Ming finds out the truth when she inadvertently embarrasses Mei at school, causing her to change again. Ming and Jin (Orion Lee), Mei’s fathers, say that Sun Yee was given the ability to transform into a red panda to fight battles and that every female member of the family has inherited this ability since they came of age. It has become inconvenient and dangerous, so the red panda spirit must be sealed in tweed by a ritual on the night of the red moon in a month’s time. Mei’s friends unknowingly notice her change but they like it, and Mei finds that focusing on them prevents her from changing. She persuades her parents to continue her normal life, although Ming Mei is closely watched. To watch and enjoy 2022 Free Movies Online Afdah will be the best choice to browse on for all devices.