Title: Violent Man 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Crime
Quality: HD
Directors: Ross McCall
Writer: Ross McCall
Stars: Craig Fairbrass, Stephen Odubola, Jason Flemyng
How to watch Violent Man 2022 online?
Violent Man 2022 is a Crime filled movie directed and story written by Ross McCall. This film is having the leading role of Steve Mackelson (Craig Fairbrass) who is a dangerous prisoner. He was held in a high-security prison for a double murder case. He’s struggling against the system and its internal turmoil too. One day he finds a new cellmate. The new prisoner was a member of a young black gang, named Marcus Wainwright (Stephen Odubola). As Marcus’ position in his gang gets him into trouble. But, Steve came forward to take him under his wings and protect him from the various gangs inside the walls. Steve is an experienced prisoner who is respected by fellow inmates. Ever since he has committed a crime no one comes to meet him. But one fine day he got a message that his daughter wants to meet him. This movie will show, people from different backgrounds that instead of making the same mistakes over and over again, they need to work together, teaching each other how to get on the right path in life. A Violent Man is a thriller that will give us a glimpse into the life of a violent prisoner, one that shows people can break down after committing a crime, not knowing why they can’t control themselves. The film manages to entertain as well as inform you, with the prison cell almost never used for scenes, depicting an even cramped environment in which Steve finds himself, highlighting the fact that you will never be in prison. On Afdah Free Movies from the year, 2022 and 2021 are streaming in Full HD Prints, you can enjoy them online while traveling and at your homes too.