Title: Wicked Little Letters 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Comedy, Drama
Quality: HD
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As a well-mannered Christian lady in the 1920s, Edith resides with her domineering parents, Edward and Victoria. The nasty and repulsive notes that Edith has been receiving in the mail have broken the silence in the house. Though nothing is known about the mystery writer, Edith assumes the letters are from Rose, her neighbor, who leads a loud life of upheaval with both her lover Bill and her daughter Nancy. When Rose is accused by Edith of mailing the letters, things spiral out of control. The cops take the single mother into custody as soon as they discover she is unable to post bail. Constable Gladys pays attention to detail, is intrigued by handwriting analysis, and follows up to find out more about the true offender—much to the chagrin of her male superiors. Rose’s case is promptly dropped by the local law enforcement before it can be prosecuted. Get ready for streaming your favorite movies with Afdah info at home.