Title: Windfall 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Crime, Drama, Thriller
Quality: HD
Directors: Charlie McDowell
Writer: Charlie McDowell, Jason Segel, Justin Lader
Stars: Jason Segel, Lily Collins, Jesse Plemons
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Windfall 2022 is the story of a man Nobody (Jason Segel) who enters the luxurious empty house of a rich CEO, to learn what it is like to live like a king. But when the CEO (Jesse Plemons) and his young wife (Lily Collins) return home early. The man is found, and to save himself, he takes the couple hostage. When they offer him money and invite him to get whatever they want, and once he’s gone, they forget that they’ve ever seen him, he doesn’t trust them. And so he does not give up. In the next conversation, they decide how much it will cost the man to leave them and disappear from the grid. The CEO arranges for the cash to be delivered, but it will not arrive until the next evening. So they reunite with the person holding the couple hostage. When the gardener (Omar Leyva) arrives, things get more complicated, and stress builds up as the strange hostage situation continues. When it becomes clear that the man and all the characters here remain anonymous and don’t really want to kill them. The CEO and his wife actually ask him what he should take to leave and they agree that there will be an amount of money that will enable him to disappear safely. He gives them a kindergarten picture, and they almost laugh at him outside the room, because that picture is so rare. When he lifts the sky again, the CEO reminds him how much cash will be so much to get around. After much deliberation, they finally arrive at an amount. Afdah Movies Online and popular website for all the Movie lovers who want to save money and time, here you get to watch trending as well as the latest films at the same time.