Title: Wrong Place 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Crime, Thriller
Quality: HD
Directors: Mike Burns
Writer: Bill Lawrence
Stars: Bruce Willis, Ashley Greene, Michael Sirow
How to watch Wrong Place 2022 online?
Wrong Place 2022 is an action-thriller movie starring Bruce Willis, which is set to premiere in mid-July. The story revolves around a security guard who is hanged in the middle of the forest. The problem is that he inadvertently becomes the only eyewitness who can identify a Math Kingpin family member. With this dangerous duty before him, if he testifies, who will protect him and his family? The Wrong Place makes Willis more comfortable in the role he has played two dozen times as a soldier, who escapes the conflict but takes care of himself when needed. Can Willis be a pioneer in the Hollywood sub-genre “Kicking the Elderly”, and a look at the footage tells you why he’s still one of the best action stars in the industry, one of his last roles? Regardless The actor’s family revealed in March that he would step down from acting after finding out about aphasia. The story reveals that Ashley Greene is also the first to jump into stunts: she plays Willis’ daughter Chloe, who is very common in the genre, deviating from “Dassel in Distress”. And it looks like she will give it to the thugs who take her hostage. The footage shows Green’s character beating up bad guys, turning kitchen utensils into powerful weapons, and being a villain in general – which suggests that Willis’s character Frank has a lot to save him. This Movie is directed by Mike Burns, In addition to Bruce Willis and Green, the cast includes Michael Sirow (Jake) and the Texas Battle (Captain East). The site you are trusting is Afahd, we are getting more confident with your love, and we are doing our best to entertain you with more trending latest Hollywood Films Online.